Your Mind and Body Can No Longer Wait for You to Stop Making this One Mistake
...especially if stress, overwhelm, and fatigue is your current and constant reality
Warning: If You Don't Do This, Then You'll Continue Wasting Your Most Important Resource...Your Health
Imagine if you learned to powerfully calm your mind, bravely build a balanced body, and reconnect with your identity as your commitment to stewarding your temple while being a vessel for your purpose.

March 18 - March 20

@ 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM ET
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You are a world changer with a vision to impact lives. You deserve training for effective physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness!
As a visionary who impacts the lives of people, you know that effective physical and emotional wholeness is key to walking successfully in this season. But are you ready to take your physical and emotional well-being skills from a last minute self-care to-do list to daily soul care habits on autopilot?

Discover how to powerfully calm your mind in moments of chaos, build a balanced body, and reconnect with your identity.

Optimize your happiness, healing, and health beyond your usual temporary fix of bubble baths, aromatherapy, medication, and denial in just 4 days

Everyone Says, "Stop pouring from an empty cup", but they rarely teach you how.

Here are signs that it's time to improve your physical and emotional well-being skills. Do you...

  • Struggle to identify and verbally communicate your emotions with yourself and/or others.
  • Unaware of your own emotional needs, but know the emotional needs of everyone else.
  • Feel as the self-care tools of bubble baths and candles are not enough to relieve your shackles of exhaustion, angst of anxiety, or bondage of burnout.
  • Have difficulty keeping your peace in alignment with God's, no matter the setting. 
  • Take on the emotional burdens of others physically, mentally, and spiritually frequently. 
  • Have trouble physically, mentally, emotionally, nutritionally, and spiritually pouring back into yourself after pouring life into others. 

In just ONE hour you can make significant progress towards becoming strengthened in your emotional and physical well-being.

Join the free 4-day CHALLENGE today and learn the true power of physical and mental self-healing. 


Rachel Harper, B.S is a facilitator, coach, and community counselor with over a decade of mental health and wellness experience. Growing up in Virginia, she acquired her passion for helping people achieve wellness mentally, emotionally, and physically. Rachel is also the creator of the Heal. Grow. Reset. movement and founder of The Art of Surrendering to Healing: Soul Care 101 intensive. 

She believes we all should strive to heal holistically for the best results of thriving in life. Rachel's married to her husband, Derrick Harper. They are the proud parents of two sons, Tyler and Aaron, and one daughter, Khloe. 

You're just a few clicks away from making a permanent decision to live life from your overflow. Join Master the Practice of Peace to experience the true power of emotional, physical, and spiritual health.
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Here's an inside look at what Mastering the Practice of Peace has to offer:
Session I 
Greet Gratitude Where 
You Are
Session II
Be Present Where 
You Are
Session III
Connect with Your 
Session IV 
Prioritize Your 
Soul Care
Live Happier, Healthier, and Healing

Here's an Inside Look at What You'll Experience

  • 3 Nights of Exclusive Mindfulness, Movement, and Meditation Coaching with Rachel Harper, B.S., Ed.S
  • ​Heal. Grow. Reset. Journal for Serious Soul Thrivers
  • Nightly Hot-seat Coaching Session
  • High Level Heart Health Session and Q & A with Rachel Harper, B.S.
  • ​Replays of Nightly Sessions
  • Challenge Workbook
Take action now and unlock the Practice of Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Soul Care!

March 18th at 7:00 PM ET

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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